How to make brushing teeth fun for the kids? Tips from a Pediatric Dentist in Fremont, CA

Establishing good oral health habits early is crucial for your child’s development. It is, by far, the solution that costs the least but is the hardest to stick to because it is something that must be done consistently with your child. We all know that life gets busy but by showing your kids that there is always time in the day to take care of themselves, you are setting an example that they can proudly follow. As we all know, kids love imitating their parents so let them imitate good habits too!

That being said, there are many ways to make brushing fun. They all start with you and a commitment by the parent, just as much as the child. That’s why we gathered these tips to help you out! We found 7 ways you can help making brushing fun for your child:

  • One of the best ways is to make it a fun recurring experience. There is an app called Brush DJ, it plays songs on a two minute timer to allow your child to listen to music while brushing, while over time, making them aware that 2 minutes of brushing is the standard for great oral health. Your child will need your phone to run the app so you can make it a bonding moment with them while making sure they are brushing for the whole time! (Note: You don’t need the app, you could just set a timer for two minutes and play some music as well)


  • Let your child choose/customize their toothbrush. This will make them even more compelled to brush when they have their favorite cartoon character on their toothbrush. You can take them shopping and let them pick it out or purchase stickers and decorate your own. Whichever it great because parents will be getting them more involved in oral hygiene.
  • Brush with your child. This makes it a fun and it will allow your child to see you doing the same thing as them. Children always want to emulate their parents and do things they do. Show them that you also practice what you preach when it comes to oral health. Maybe have a contest to see who has the whiter smile? Have fun with it. Pretend to be a hippo or lion which encourages a wide open mouth for brushing.
  • Pick the best times to brush! Instead of brushing before bed, try brushing after dinner or before a favorite tv show. This will get it out of the way so there is no chance of your child (or you) forgetting to brush.
  • Keep the tooth fairy alive. Yes, it’s a little cliche but the tooth fairy was create with good intentions. Losing teeth and having gaps is difficult and uncomfortable for some children and the tooth fairy lightens the pain and turns that into a happy moment. A way you can switch it up is to not leave money but maybe leave a new toothbrush or another small item that is what your child will like. The tooth fairy is really a metaphor for good oral hygiene and the idea that it should be rewarded, because IT SHOULD!
  • Last but not least, hold your child accountable. Make sure that you enforce the rules and make sure your child knows that oral health is not an option. They may not like it now but when they have great teeth in high school they are sure going to appreciate the good oral health habits you taught them.

Remember, by encouraging good oral hygiene early in your child’s life you are saving yourself thousands of dollars in the future dental bills and time off of work to take them there. In the end this is a simple thing that parents can do and is one of the most impactful. For fun ideas, check us out on Facebook. We have a bunch of other parents who have shared their ideas about making brushing fun on there.

dsc02489_ppAbout the doctor:

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